Binance Coin Price Hits $19.5 but Bearish Pressure Intensifies16

It has been a very interesting weekend for all cryptocurrencies, albeit the end result is not necessarily what traders expected. Most of the markets are currently in the green again, yet it seems the bearish pressure will not relent just yet. As far as the Binance Coin price is concerned, it would appear the current uptrend may not remain in place for too much longer.

When a new week comes around and Bitcoin is still in the green, there is plenty of reason to be cautiously optimistic. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean all of the alternative markets will go through similar momentum. More often than not, a positive Bitcoin trend is nefast for altcoins, albeit things are not looking too bad right now. Binance Coin still notes some gains, although it will dip in the red fairly quickly at this rate.

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