What Constitutes Value?

We are going to begin this week with our annual value lesson. For those of our readers that have not read this before, we hope you enjoy this lesson and we hope that you gain some very keen insight as to what constitutes value and what constitutes individualistic, "because I can" mentality. First, we would like to say that there is a very big difference in the perceived meaning of the word value. People will often define value as something that offers a good deal relative to some other expected outcome or trade-off.

Some will say, value is getting something for a better than expected price. Others will use the analogy of value as being inherent to the individual. If we truly want to dig in philosophically, we could read Socrates, Plato and Kant, or let's take Locke's version of value or what he referred to as value-modes. Locke stated that the basic qualities of value pertain to psychological categories. Locke was definitively of the belief that "value" was not universal or objective, but shaped by the individual.

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