#Metahash Community Has Been Growing… Don’t Miss Out!4

Blockchain technologies and applications are very much alive and kicking, depending on whose side you are looking. For a bit of history, the #Metahash trial period which ran through Q2 2018, leveraging more than 200 temporary servers throughout the world, are now replaced by token owner nodes after the network became fully functional. From that trial, #MetaHash validated its goal of 60,000 – 80,000 Transactions Per Second and now they have almost 500 server nodes established by the community

#MetaGate, the network’s decentralized browser, has changed significantly – from a quite bold interface with “test” icons back in 2018, it flourished into a bunch of first Dapps from community, original #MetaHash services and tools like #MetaHash Pay, its own messenger, and #MetaApps, with more to go live in the coming months.

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