Crypto‘s Director Addresses the Skeptics: “Reserve Judgment. Watch the Movie”4

When the trailer for Crypto, a new film starring Kurt Russell, came out in March, the internet tore it apart. “Kurt Russell’s New Crypto Thriller Will Probably Be Bad, and Not in a Good Way,” opined BREAKERMAG’s own David Z. Morris, while Motherboard’s Jordan Pearson offered an only slightly more sanguine take: “Kurt Russell’s New Bitcoin Crime Movie ‘Crypto’ Looks So Awful I Must See It.” Meanwhile, Slate’s Tamara Evdokimova snarked, “Perhaps the greatest highlight of the trailer involves [lead actor Beau] Knapp hacking the villains’ computer to discover neatly organized folders labeled ‘Bitcoin payouts,’ ‘Feeding information,’ and ‘Kickbacks.'”

To that last point: It turns out the trailer is confusing. Those folders were not created by some idiotic, overly obvious bad guys, but by one of the film’s heroes, who’s documenting the cyber crimes at the heart of the movie. “People were splitting hairs over the marketing materials of a thing and trying to reverse engineer what the meaning was behind it,” Crypto director John Stalberg Jr. tells BREAKERMAG. “But they didn’t have the right data set to get to that conclusion.”

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