ABBC Coin Price Gains 95% Following Surprise Pump20

When it comes to alternative cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets, a lot of interesting momentum can materialize in the near future. While some markets are struggling for traction, the ABBC Coin price simply doesn’t fall into this category, It seems to pump and dump on regular intervals, with today showcasing some very bullish momentum for no apparent reason other than “because it can”.

Over the past few months, very few currencies have made traders a lot of good money in a 24-hour time span. While most markets will allow for decent profits regardless of their overall market trend, it seems unlikely anyone can pocket gains of over 50% in quick succession. ABBC Coin is one notable exception in that regard, as it would appear to be doing its own thing at any given time. That is not necessarily a bad thing, at least when one just looks at this market as a way to make a quick buck.

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