Head Transplant “Visionaire” Dr. Canavero Isn’t Giving up on his Dream14

Around two years ago, the idea of potentially transplanting human heads onto different bodies got some attention. While the initial surgery never took place, the surgeon in question has not given up on this idea just yet. Dr. Sergio Canavero, also referred to as “Dr. Frankenstein”, recently announced another breakthrough where head transplants are concerned. He now plans to perform this surgery on a human, assuming a guinea pig can be found.

The concept of transplanting a human head still raises many questions which seemingly can’t be answered right away. Such a procedure has a high chance of killing the patients in question, primarily because a human head and brain are not necessarily designed to be moved to a different body structure. However, the research accompanying this concept shows there is a possibility the idea might just work. The most recently published paper issued by Canavero seems to confirm as much, at least.

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