Elon Musk Confirms Autonomous Teslas Will Make Their Owners Money28

Elon Musk has become one of the most charismatic individuals in the technology sector. While his companies may not necessarily be profitable, the products he offers to society are always a topic of discussion. In a recent social media post, Musk confirmed the goal is to make Tesla cars compete with Lyft and Uber to let their owners earn a passive revenue stream.

The main reason why this somewhat surprising comment suddenly came to be is due to a disgruntled Tesla user taking to Twitter. Said user was wondering why the camera in his Tesla was “operating” without it being used with Sentry Mode at that time. Given the privacy concerns users have these days, it is evident such a situation can quickly spark a major controversy. Luckily, it seems the purpose of this camera is a lot less worrisome than people may have originally anticipated.

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