XRP Price Turns Slightly Bullish as XRP/BTC Rises to 7,300 Satoshi14

Even though Bitcoin remains rather bearish at this time, some other top markets note very strong momentum right now. The XRP price is an interesting example in this regard. It is the only top three market in the green right now, primarily because of a healthy increase where the XRP/BTC ratio is concerned. This momentum will please a lot of holders and traders, albeit its longevity remains rather uncertain, for the time being.

It is not entirely abnormal to see XRP perform rather well when Bitcoin comes under a fair bit of pressure. Over the past two years or so, the price chart of XRP and BTC seemed inversely correlated, albeit they do tend to follow similar patterns every now and then as well. Today proves how these markets can head in opposite directions at a crucial time. XRP is moving up swiftly across the board, whereas Bitcoin is somewhat struggling for momentum as of right now.

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