Searches For Bitcoin Explode On Google & Baidu After 20% Rally

Bitcoin (BTC) might not be out of a bear market just yet, but the cryptocurrency is such a trending topic that it might as well be in a bull market. Since BTC suddenly surmounted $5,000 earlier this week, the ears of a public audience the world over have perked up, resulting in mass mainstream coverage (Bloomberg, CNBC, The New York Times, and even local radio stations — trust me on that one) and widespread social media hype.

If you open up social media, turn on your television, and talk to your friends, it’s all Bitcoin this, crypto that, just like late-2017. Monday’s rally and the subsequent fallout, which marked the first time the cryptocurrency market had seen daily double-digit billion dollar gains in months, if not over a year, undoubtedly caused a flood of interest from millions, even those sequestered away in little-known regions on Earth.

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