Parliament Blocks Brexit No-Deal But Bitcoin (BTC) Still in Play

On April 3, UK lawmakers were able to pass a preventative measure by one vote that would stop the possibility of No-Deal Brexit. Compared to alternative outcomes over how U.K. transition away from the European Union will occur, No-Deal has been hailed as one of the more catastrophic. The move would have entailed an immediate cease in relations between the U.K. and E.U, with no clear path forward on how the two would interact going forward–in effect producing massive economic, trade and travel uncertainty.

However, cryptocurrency analysts have pointed out that such a situation would likely have a favorable impact on the price of Bitcoin. Historically, Bitcoin and top cryptos have thrived in markets of volatile fiat. Thus far, Venezuela has been the primary testing ground for cryptocurrency adoption as an alternative currency, with digital assets also being an attractive store of value during times of high economic uncertainty.

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