Internet vs Blockchain Revolution: Are we in 1994? What to expect Next? (Part 5)

This article is part of the Internet vs Blockchain Revolution Series. If you are interested in reading the other articles, check out this post.

Interestingly, when Marc Andreessen, the founder of Netscape, found himself in Silicon Valley in early 1994, he thought that he was too late and missed the whole thing as the short recession of 1990–1991 hit the technology industry hard. The current stage of blockchain and cryptocurrency development is most analogous to the Internet Revolution in 1994, in which we have invented TCP/IP, HTML, and FTP, and out of these will lead to the development of Netscape (1994) and much later Facebook (2004), and Airbnb (2008). In blockchain, we are still inventing the building blocks and tools that allow us to distribute compute, preserve privacy, manage identity, and allow scalability, etc. — the breakthrough dapps have yet appeared and will emerge in the coming years.

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