BitTorrent Token Price Momentum Remains Problematic as buy Support Dries up Quickly18

Depending on how one wants to look at things, there is either a bull market in effect or a temporary uptrend waiting to correct itself. Nothing is ever set in stone in this odd industry. Despite some promising markets moving up all around it, the BitTorrent Token price simply isn’t budging. A peculiar trend, although it is part of the expected multi-month bear market which keeps eroding all buy support.

Despite all of the fanfare associated with the initial sale and trading of BitTorrent Token, it is safe to say the project has not evolved as expected. The lack of technical use cases for this token makes it a speculative offering first and foremost. This is also reflected in the price department, as the USD value remains flat, whereas its TRX and BTC value continues to plummet day by day. Slowly but surely, this token’s buy support is being eroded, and there is no real improvement in sight.

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