EOS Price Surpasses $4.6 as Bullish Momentum Continues Unabated18

Contrary to most people’s expectations, it would appear the bearish crypto market momentum isn’t relenting as of yet. More and more markets are moving in the double-digit percentage gains range, which is rather promising.  When even the EOS price can gain over 10% in quick succession, it would appear the overall interest in these different markets is still growing in a swift manner.

When Bitcoin turns uber bullish as it has in the past 16 hours, there is always a genuine concern as to how long such gains can be sustained. If the previous attempts at an uptrend are any indication, this round could prove to be rather short-lived first and foremost. However, Bitcoin shows so signs of slowing down just yet, nor do the alternative markets at this time. EOS, for example, is moving up strongly and swiftly, which has a lot of people excited for obvious reasons.

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