Tron Price Gains 11% yet TRX/BTC Faces Plenty of Pressure16

It is safe to say a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be keeping a close eye on the price charts throughout the day. While it remains to be seen which markets will effectively move up or down, the Tron price appears to be in a good place at this time. Solid gains in USD value are always a positive sign, although the TRX/BTC ratio is facing a fair bit of pressure due to Bitcoin’s own uptrend.

It is not uncommon to see individual cryptocurrencies, assets, or tokens note a 10% gain when looking across the charts. Tron is no exception in that regard, although it is evident there will be a correction sooner or later. With the current uptrend locked in place, many people expect TRX to hit $0.03 at some point this week. Not impossible, but it would require another 15% gain in order to make that happen. Realizing that potential will mainly depend on what happens to Bitcoin for the foreseeable future.

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