Tron Introduces its Newest Feature: Censorship8

Tron has announced that it will “collaborate” with the Japanese government to discourage the creation and promotion of gambling games usable in that country. In a statement, the Tron Foundation (which refers to itself simply as Tron throughout) discouraged the creation of gambling games by Japanese developers, and suggested that developers of other gambling games “block users with Japanese IP addresses.”

The extent to which the Tron Foundation might collaborate with Japan’s government to block or otherwise discourage the use of gambling games on the network isn’t detailed, and the announcement doesn’t explicitly state that the Tron Foundation itself will block Japanese users from certain activities. The technical method for identifying IP addresses isn’t spelled out either, but the announcement suggests blocking IP addresses by region is straightforward. Determining the IP address of a bitcoin or Ethereum user is possible but complex, and is considered malicious.

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