Techniques used by Hackers to steal Cryptocurrecny

From phishing to crypto jacking to key-logger attacks, there are a lot of ways, hackers can steal your stash of cryptocurrency. In early July 2018, Bleeping Computers identified a suspicious activity to defraud 2.3 Million Bitcoin wallets. All these wallets were under the threat of being hacked. The malware used was “clipboard hijackers.” It operated in the clipboard and could replace the copied wallet data with one of the hackers while transferring Bitcoin to other wallets. Kaspersky Lab had predicted such type of hacking attacks in November 2017, and it didn’t take long to become a reality. Till date, this is one of the most popular types of attack to steal user’s crypto and information. About 20 percent of the total cryptocurrency hacking attempts are made on individual’s wallets and accounts. Kaspersky Lab’s report published in Cointelegraph stated that criminals had stolen $9 million through social media engineering and other hacking techniques.

There are chances that some undetectable programs are running on your smartphone or Laptop right now, copying your every single seed, password or any button you hit on. When these programs send back or change the copied clipboard data, it becomes too easy for the attacker to gain full access to your wallets. Hackers use the vulnerability we didn’t notice. Here’s how they do it and how we can protect our wallet:

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