Dash Price Gains Over 12% as Bullish Week Kicks off16

Even though this past weekend didn’t offer too much crypto market excitement, it would appear things are heading in the right direction again. All of the top markets have noted small to medium-sized gains at this time. The Dash price, while often overlooked in this volatile industry, has noted some significant gains in the process. In fact, it is the most bullish market in the entire market cap top 75.

It is evident a lot of eyes are still on Bitcoin’s price momentum first and foremost. Not necessarily because a further bearish trend is expected, but it will dictate the pace of all alternative markets for quite some time to come. In the case of Dash, it doesn’t seem to rely as much on Bitcoin as some other markets. However, a bullish surge in BTC can easily trigger a lot of excitement for alternative markets as well. As Bitcoin is now up by nearly 1%, it is only normal the altcoins, assets, and tokens show signs of life.

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