Russian Authorities Force VPN Providers to Engage in Internet Censorship2

In Russia, internet censorship has become the norm rather than an exception. While that is not all that surprising any longer, it seems the government is not done with trying to prevent people from accessing specific information. As part of a new degree, major VPN providers in the country now have to adhere to a certain “website blacklisting” procedure.

In this day and age of internet censorship, privacy concerns, and trying to bypass geo-restrictions which might not make too much sense, using a VPN is usually a good solution. Services like these also provide a good way to browse the internet in the manner it was intended, regardless of one’s location on the planet. Although VPN providers usually operate on an independent basis, that is not necessarily the case in every region. In China, VPNs are deemed illegal, which goes to show how far certain governments are willing to go these days.

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