Everipedia Culture Roundup #12: Smooth Groves and Big Moves

Those who dance professionally can attest that when your moves are on point, it feels like you are one with the universe. It is one of many variations of being in the flow state where nothing else matters but being in the present moment, and all of your attention and focus is on the next step. The young stunna Seth Vangeldren embodies this, which is evident in his memorizing videos of him dancing. Digital artisans from across the internet have channeled their energy to create memes on behalf of the Yang Gang in a grassroots effort to support Andrew Yang’s Presidential Campaign. Erika Herzog is an information specialist whose attempts to highlight issues in Wikipedia led to her ousting from the Wikimedia Foundation. Operating out of Hong Kong, technologist Sherman Lee is on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology with his projects and funds. And Toritseju Blessing Kaka is evangelizing blockchain technology in his native Nigeria through the organizations he is working with on the EOS blockchain. Learn more about this week’s honorees in the Everipedia Culture Roundup!

Move over backpack kid, there’s a new dancing whiteboy in town. Not even a teenager yet, Seth Vangeldren of Florida has gone viral multiple times over his smooth moves. He was first noticed at a local basketball game and has since made a number of videos of him dancing to different contemporary rap hits from the likes of XXXTENTACION, Rich The Kid, Maxo Cream, and others. Seth has since capitalized off his talent and fame, being contacted by rappers and their record labels to dance to their songs for a price. As he fine-tunes his moves, Vangeldren will only get better and there will be someone with a camera for sure to capture it.

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