Qtum Price Breaks out as its Trading Volume Surpasses the Market cap18

In the cryptocurrency world, there is always some unexpected momentum to be found. Whether that trend is for better or worse, remains up for debate. As of right now, there is plenty of green across the board, although a lot of markets remain on rather shaky legs. How all of this will play out for the Qtum price, among others, remains to be determined at this point. So far, the market is doing well, but there are still questions regarding its sustainability.

When it comes to the alternative cryptocurrency markets, a lot of interesting things tend to happen sooner or later. In the case of Qtum, it is a market which seems to be overlooked quite often, yet comfortably resides within the market cap top 50 without any real problems. Today, it is also one of the few top markets noting some impressive gains. Whether or not this trend can remain in place for much longer, is a different matter altogether. Its overall trading volume seems to indicate this run may come to an abrupt end fairly soon.

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