Factom Price Tries to Hit $7 as Bullish Momentum Intensifies12

When looking out across the different cryptocurrency markets, it quickly becomes apparent there is a lot of interesting momentum to keep an eye on. While Bitcoin is clinging on to minute gains, it would appear the Factom price is turning bullish in a convincing manner. Although it is a bit unclear if this trend can be sustained for much longer, this momentum will please a lot of traders.

It is always interesting to see how individual cryptocurrency markets evolve when the world’s leading cryptocurrency is still trying to hit its stride. Even though Bitcoin seems to remain in the green for some time to come, it also becomes apparent other markets show a bigger desire to move up in quick succession. If Factom is any example, there will be a lot more positive market momentum to keep an eye on over the next few days. This market has seemingly engaged all cylinders in the past day, as the push to $7 seems to be in full effect.

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