Top Darknet Marketplace Dream Market to Shut Down in Late April12

Every darknet market which has effectively launched in the distant or recent past will effectively shut down eventually. Whereas some of the most promising darknet markets were shut down in the past few years, things have gone rather quiet in the scene. However, it now seems Dream Market will shut down at the end of April. This appears to coincide with a recent raid by Europol, as the agency arrested multiple individuals this week.

One of the main reason why darknet markets matter to cryptocurrency enthusiasts is because Bitcoin and select altcoins are the preferred payment methods. On the one hand, this will give cryptocurrencies a very bad reputation, as has become apparent in recent years. However, the other side of the medallion is how there is an increase in global cryptocurrency usage, which should benefit the ecosystem in the long run. That latter aspect may become less prevalent, as numerous marketplaces have been shut down in the past half decade.

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