Ravencoin Price Reaches a new All-time High Following Fresh 28% Surge14

When the cryptocurrency momentum tends to remain positive for more than a few hours on end, traders tend to grow uneasy. Not because they don’t like an increase in value, but primarily because they expect a new wave of bearish pressure to materialize. For the time being, most of the top markets remain in the green without too many issues. The Ravencoin price is moving up swiftly once again, which seems to cap off its strong weekly run.

When the Bitcoin trend tends to move up for a few days in a row, it seems the alternative markets will do the exact same. Ravencoin is no exception in this regard, primarily because it tends to benefit tremendously from bullish momentum. This has been apparent for quite some time now and it seems today will be no exception. Bullish momentum in the cryptocurrency industry is more than welcome, yet some markets trend to note massive gains in quick succession.

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