List of Top Mainstream Companies that Dropped Support for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Just when everyone thought it was just another distraction by the nerdy coders of this world and not to be taken seriously, the price of one bitcoin appreciated from just around $0.008 per bitcoin to $0.08 per coin appreciating more than 900% in between 2 months in 2010 after the infamous event of purchasing just one pizza with 10,000 bitcoins and boom! everyone’s attention at least those in Wall Street who love to trade gains got interested. With its’ usual meteoric rise, the price of bitcoin hits all-time high and like a Fugazi, it fritters away with horrific speed bashing the most erudite technical analysis put forward by experts leaving them aghast.

With the usual jamboree saw being celebrated by crypto lovers and general cryptocurrency communities whenever an industry giant drums support for bitcoin or other digital assets, the disappointment is usually palpable when the plug is pulled on digital assets. In this piece, let’s look at some of the big guns who have rejected bitcoin and other digital assets after initially giving their blessings.

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