Bolt-A-Thon: World’s First Online Lightning Network Conference and Hackathon

The Lightning Network was built around the idea of financial inclusivity. Anyone can make a purchase and should be able to do so pseudonymously. What if conferences and hackathons were structured around these same core principles? As the world’s first online Lightning Network conference and hackathon, that’s exactly what the Bolt-A-Thon was designed to be. By hosting the event online, Bolt-A-Thon reaches a world-wide community, sets incredibly affordable ticket prices, and process all payments into Lightning Bitcoin.

The first part of the Bolt-A-Thon is for our hackers. They hackathon will start on April 5 with the kick off at 6pm PST and runs through April 7 at 2pm PST. Hackers will be provided a suggested theme and will have two and a half days to build their projects to then present in front of their peers and our judges. First, second, and third place winners will receive 0.3 BTC, 0.2 BTC, and 0.1 BTC respectively. Blockstack PBC will also be offering an additional bounty of $1000 for the best project built with Blockstack.

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