EOS Price Blasts Past $4 Amid Major Bullish Surge16

It is not entirely uncommon for specific alternative markets to turn into “uber bullish” mode when Bitcoin is no longer losing value. However, it is a bit odd to see certain markets shoot up by over 10% as if there were no bear market in the past few days. Regardless of that train of thought, the EOS price seems to be moving up in a decisive manner once again. Surpassing $4 again is the first major milestone to be achieved.

When Bitcoin starts to regain its feet, all of the altcoins will usually follow that example to some degree. Certain markets will be less bullish, whereas other swills imply engage the pumps and begin firing on all cylinders right away. As of right now, EOS seems to fall into the latter category, as it is noting very strong gains in relatively quick succession already. This is visible across both USD and BTC alike, which will only further fuel speculation as to how high this market cap can rise in the process.

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