DigiByte Price Loses 15% in Quick Succession14

As the majority of cryptocurrency markets remain subjected to bearish pressure at this time, it will be interesting to see who will buck the trend first. It seems unlikely DigiByte will be the coin to do so, as its value is tanking quite hard for some unknown reason. As the DigiByte price losses continue to pile up, there’s a chance DGB will drop below 300 Satoshi fairly soon.

Although altcoins will usually bleed value when Bitcoin turns bearish for quite some time, the current losses for DigiByte might not necessarily make the most sense either. Its losses are a lot steeper compared to nearly all other markets in the top 50, which will worry quite a few holders, speculators, and traders alike. For the time being, it remains to be seen what the future will hold for DGB, although one never knows how bearish or bullish things will get in the next few hours and days.

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