Forte COO: Blockchain Adoption Will First Come from Gaming and Ripple is Ready

By close of 2018, the gaming industry was expected to generate a whopping $134.9 billion. That’s a 10 percent jump from 2017 and that amount is expected to increase to $200 billion by 2023 according to projections made by Digi-Capital projects. This revenue will be generated cumulatively through the sale of software and hardware materials.

Here, we can see that the space is growing exponentially. Note that it may have taken more than 10 years before the total gaming industry grew to $100 billion but with a $5.7 billion investment to gaming companies in 2018 alone, the gaming industry appeared to be undervalued and the accelerant to double or even triple digit growth could be unlocked by the potential of blockchain just at its nascent stage.

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