NEM Price Rises as Developers Seek Public Feedback Regarding Catapult18

As today’s rather uneasy cryptocurrency market momentum continues, it remains to be seen what the future will hold for most markets. The NEM price, while often overlooked by a lot of people, is seemingly noting some strong gains as of late. Although the momentum is not exceptional or spectacular by any means, a lot of holders and traders will be pleased with the current progress. If it can be sustained, today may be a positive time for this particular altcoin.

It is evident all of the markets in the top 25 often rely on Bitcoin’s momentum first and foremost. As the world’s leading cryptocurrency faces yet another minor wave of bearish pressure, there is nothing to get overly excited about. However, not all markets within the top 25 are following Bitcoin’s trend, which is pretty interesting to keep an eye on. When even NEM notes some decent gains, one knows things will get pretty interesting in many different ways.

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