Basic Attention Token Price Moves up Again as Value Surpasses $0.2118

In the cryptocurrency world, weekends are usually a time when odd market momentum begins to materialize. Today seems to offer something most people had expected, although some markets have effectively begun moving up as well. With the Basic Attention Token price noting some solid gains in quick succession, it would appear as if traders might make some good money in the process.

Not a week goes by without any recently listed currency on Coinbase noting value when the markets turn bearish. A few months ago, those currencies were somewhat random. This day and age, it appears Basic Attention Token is the go-to staple in terms of noting small gains when Bitcoin is facing some problems. As that particular bearish Bitcoin trend continues, it seems as if other markets need to start moving up on their own. BAT Is doing a good job in that regard, although there is still a long way to go.

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