Dogecoin Price Remains Bearish yet Potential Rocket League Collab Offers Hope40

Although it seems rather unlikely the top crypto markets will remain bearish for very long, the current momentum doesn’t instill too much confidence. Although some currencies are trying to turn the negative into a positive, the road ahead will be filled with roadblocks and hurdles. As long as the Dogecoin price remains in the red, there is a good chance no real price breakout will occur for Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Although there isn’t anything to warrant the current bearish pressure across the top markets, there is also no reason to expect a sudden price reversal either. Bitcoin is trying to climb out of the small hole it dug itself in, although there is still plenty of work to be done. This affects all other markets as well, with Dogecoin struggling a fair bit on its own. A drop below $0.002 seems unlikely, but the DOGE/BTC ratio turns rather bearish once again.

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