XRP Price Remains Bearish as XRP/BTC Drops Below 7,800 Satoshi20

As the unwelcome bearish momentum returns to all top cryptocurrency markets, most of this morning’s excitement will be wiped out fairly quickly. Although not all of the alternative markets will follow this trend automatically, it appears there is a lot of pressure on the XRP price right now. A drop below $0.31 seems unlikely, albeit one never knows what the future may hold.

It is not entirely uncommon to see the top markets struggle a bit when the value of Bitcoin dips in the red all of a sudden. While no one knows for sure why this new wave of bearish pressure has materialized, it seems it could turn into a rough ride over the next few hours. XRP is also falling victim to this trend, albeit its losses are still very minimal at this point. Whether or not that will remain the case, is a different matter altogether.

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