I Yelled at Strangers About M&Ms Because a Token Told Me To8

“For anybody who’s gone to an arena, you know what’s going on here. You buy the box of M&Ms, you bring it back to your seat, you open the box of M&Ms, and there’s a bag of M&Ms inside the box of M&Ms. It’s an empty box with a bag of M&Ms in it!” I found myself yelling this to a couple of strangers on Sunday with a phone pressed to my ear. One of the strangers smiled at me, confused but being a good sport in the face of this unwelcome diatribe. The other shuffled her feet and pleaded with her eyes for me to get away.

“So then you’ve got a big choice to make,” I continued. “Do you eat them out of the bag, or do you pour them into the box? Because the bag is flimsy!”

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