IDEO Comes to the Rescue for Design-Challenged Blockchain Startups4

Crypto has a design problem. This much we know—we published an article with that exact headline back in September. But that problem really extends to the entire blockchain space, where the concept of “design thinking” is virtually absent and company websites range from boring to baffling.

Enter a design company cofounded by a creator of the cheap, user-friendly Apple mouse of the 1980s, David Kelley. His company, Hovey-Kelley, eventually became David Kelley Design and merged with other design firms to create IDEO in 1991. IDEO has since gone on to incubate PillPack, which Amazon bought for $1 billion in June 2018, and work with clients like Google and Ford. Yesterday, IDEO’s spinoff platform CoLab, whose 20-person team works as an incubator/accelerator/design studio for tech companies, announced that it will be investing time and money in “early-stage distributed web startups and protocols” (read: blockchain and crypto projects). The announcement ended with a call to action for those working on such projects to get in touch with CoLab.

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