Altcoin Arbitrage Today: XLM, LTC, OMG, EOS, ETC, TUSD6

Even throughout the weekend, there are numerous ways to make money with cryptocurrencies. As all markets seem to recover some losses sustained throughout Saturday, the arbitrage opportunities are piling up rather quickly. Chasing the top is usually the least favorable option, whereas arbitrage trading is usually a guarantee for profit regardless of the overall industry market momentum.

For the second time this week, a stablecoin-related arbitrage opportunity involving TrueUSD presents itself to the market. That is rather interesting to keep in mind, as profits on stablecoins are very hard to ignore. In the case of TUSD, buying the currency on Gate and selling it on VeBitcoin will result in a very healthy and quick profit of 1.63% per trade. This means every Dollar spent will yield $0.0163 in profit.

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