Crypto Goes Narcos as Escobar Estate Launches New Stablecoin ICO4

The late Pablo Escobar is infamous for a number of reasons but crypto has not been among them, until now. An ICO for a dollar pegged stablecoin has been launched by the brother of the drug lord and Colombian cult hero in an effort to impeach US president Donald Trump.

Roberto Escobar, former co-founder of the Medellín cartel alongside his brother Pablo, has targeted Trump directly in this crowd finding campaign which aims to raise $50 million. According to Hard Fork the move is to ensure that no centralized platforms can further censor the efforts of the Escobar estate. The anti-Trump rhetoric is plain to see on the first page of the official Impeach Trump Fund website; “We need your help, the support of the people that agree that it is not fair to have a corrupt President rule over the free world and rule over U.S.A. Make your donation now to help us secure the goal of finally getting Donald Trump impeached!”

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