Ethereum (ETH) Hegemony Will Be Challenged, Says Crypto Investor

Business Insider recently sat down with Kyle Samani, the co-founder and managing partner of Multicoin Capital, a Texas-headquartered crypto-specific fund backed by pro-Bitcoin investor Marc Andreessen, along with David Sacks. In the interview, Samani drew attention to his predictions for 2019’s crypto industry trends, making mention of Ethereum (ETH).

He explained that a handful of well-funded, high-potential blockchain platforms, like the a16z crypto-backed Dfinity and Cosmos, could challenge Ethereum head-on in the near future. The Multicoin representative noted that the aforementioned two ventures, which have yet to go live, could make a move on Ethereum’s nearly unquestioned hegemony as the go-to platform for smart contract development and deployment.

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