Bitcoin SV Price Surges by 10% as Bitcoin Continues to Stumble6

There is still a lot of uneasy momentum across the cryptocurrency markets as of right now. Most of the top markets remain down, even though some of them have shown some signs of recovery along the way. Bitcoin SV, for example, is effectively gaining some value whereas the rest of the markets remain in a sort of deadlock. That in itself is rather interesting to take note of, although this may be a sign of how other markets will evolve.

Although a lot of cryptocurrency users expected the Bitcoin SV excitement to quiet down now that Bitcoin Cash has clearly proven to be superior in terms of market cap, the reality is often very different. Although there is a clear price gap between BSV and BCH right now, it would appear the community supporting this latest forked currency is still in place as of today. As such, one has to wonder what the future will hold for this particular currency moving forward.

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