Gods Unchained and CryptoKitties Are Using Blockchain’s Most Exciting Gaming Feature2

Fuel Games, makers of the Gods Unchained Ethereum-based card game, announced on Thursday that the game will incorporate one of the truly unique applications of blockchain tech in gaming: interoperability. In broad outlines, it means the ability to use players’ unique, blockchain-backed items—in Ethereum’s case, usually ERC-721 tokens—across multiple games. For the next two weeks, any player who owns a CryptoKitty blockchain collectible will be able to buy a limited edition cat-themed card pack for 0.024 ETH. It will include a standard rare pack and a “unique and tradable talisman” that will display in-game. CryptoKitties will also be selling a series of Gods Unchained-inspired Kitties.

This is not the first experiment of its kind. “KittyRace” is a third-party game that lets players pit their CryptoKitties against each other on a (minimal) racetrack. A cluster of games including Cats in Mechs tout themselves as part of a “multiverse” of interoperable game assets. Because ERC-721 tokens are tracked on a public blockchain, game-makers don’t need permission to integrate another game’s player items.

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