ZCash Price Displays Bullish Signs Despite Bearish Market Trend4

Considering how all of the top cryptocurrencies are still subject to a lot of bearish pressure, there are some questions as to what the coming weekend will offer. Some currencies are trying to buck the trend with varying degrees of success. ZCash seems to be on the right track to do exactly that, although its USD and BTC gains are not necessarily sustainable for more than a few hours on end.

It is always interesting to see some currencies, tokens, or assets try to buck the overall negative trend. That is a monumental task, especially when considering how there is a good chance such momentum may not remain in place for very long. In the case of ZCash, there have been small but solid USD and BTC gains in the past few hours, although there is a fair bit of market opposition as well at this time. That may prove to result in interesting price action.

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