Dogecoin Price Stability Pushes DOGE/BTC to Nearly 60 Satoshi6

There is still a lot of negative pressure on the cryptocurrency industry as of today. With the weekend around the corner, it has become more than apparent this week will probably not end on a high note. Although most currencies show a sign of improvement right now, only Dogecoin has remained relatively stable throughout this recent market onslaught. That in itself has always been a pretty interesting development accordingly.

Yesterday was not the most fun day for cryptocurrencies, assets, and tokens. Considering how there is a lot of negative pressure still visible across the chart today, it has become evident things will not necessarily improve ahead of the weekend either. Most top markets still note a loss of 5% or more, with Dogecoin being one of the very few exceptions. More specifically, the meme currency of the internet is holding its own quite well in the face of adversity.

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