Circle CEO Says Crypto Is a “Much More Significant” Innovation Than the Web0.01

The Reddit AMA is the new crypto publicity stunt. Just ask the Winklevii, who held one on Monday as part of their latest Gemini marketing push. Or the cofounders of Circle, Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville, who took to Reddit this morning to discuss their 2018 accomplishments.

Besides linking to a Medium post about their self-described success last year, Allaire and Neville’s AMA announcement also gives users a handy list of topics to discuss, which look like a carefully crafted PR email (indeed, the PR email about the AMA includes nearly the same copy). There are many bullet points, since Circle is a wide-ranging crypto company. It has an investment platform, a Venmo-like payment app, a trade desk, a large exchange (Poloniex, which Circle bought in February 2018), and a stablecoin (USDC). Last year, Circled reported $24 billion in trade volume and 10,000 OTC trades. Circle’s cofounders made sure to mention all of this in their AMA introduction.

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