Veil wants to make decentralized financial products frictionless for mainstream users12

One of the major drawbacks preventing consumers from adopting decentralized products and apps is the friction-filled user experience. For a decentralized prediction market platform like Augur, users are often forced to go through a time-consuming multi-step process just to interact with its features.

Veil hopes to change that. Founded by Y Combinator Alumni Paul Fletcher-Hill, Graham Kaemmer, and Feridun Mert Celebi, Veil’s goal is to make Augur’s platform accessible to mainstream users. Augur enables users to create and trade prediction markets on a variety of topics from sports, to elections, to crypto prices. Every market is settled by a decentralized set of oracles — eliminating the need for centralized market makers. However, as previously mentioned, the process to access Augur is often too confusing and time-consuming for your average consumer.

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