What is Token IQ – an Interview With Ben Wilkening4

NullTX had a chance to talk to Ben Wilkening, director of strategic relationship at Token IQ and discuss some of the aspects of the platform. Due to the unregulated nature of ICOs, many investors are wary to put their money in these offerings. A new trend has emerged called Security Token Offerings (STOs), which are essentially regulated ICOs. There are a few platforms working to allow the issuance of STOs, Token IQ being one of them.

Token IQ is an STO platform where you can tokenize assets and back them as securities. You can represent these assets digitally either as a token or as a digitized share. Token IQ can accomplish this by being able to make a platform which can tokenize these equities for issuers with complete SEC guidelines and legal controls attached. By using the Token IQ technology it’s possible to make the token operate exactly as the SEC might require them to.

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