Plasma Study Guide by an Intern at a Blockchain Scalability Research Lab

Blockchain’s scalability and a whole bunch of solutions to the problem — one of the most fundamental aspects that you should focus on to learn in the space, yet doesn’t seem like very approachable for newbies to catch up all of them. That was what I have been seeing all the scaling solutions as.

When I first got to know about blockchain technology (more specifically Ethereum blockchain), I was really fascinated by all the decentralized applications and their philosophy behind it, dreaming of the Web3.0 created by Ethereum. Even though I knew that scalability is one of the most important criteria to consider while running a project (for now, I’ll skip explaining it but you can see where the issue comes from and the significance of it referring to an article here), I have been distancing myself from the topic because it seemed too difficult for someone who was just looking at application layers to comprehend fully.

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