Bitcoin Has A Future, But Still a Way to Go Says BitMEX CEO16

Believe it or not, Bitcoin isn’t the first attempt at a digital currency. According to Newsbtc, “the idea of running society with digital cash has been around for three decades.” Back in 1990, a cryptographer by the name of David Chaum created DigiCash in an attempt to bring digital cash to the masses. However, his company went under just a decade later. Then, E-gold and Liberty Reserve died just as quickly. The former attempted to represent gold on a computer, while the latter converted currencies into a digital form.

Bitcoin was influenced by all three of these projects. It has already seen more success than them as well, though that is probably helped by the fact that it isn’t a company per se. Bitcoin has a market cap of $66 billion, and people are very aware of it despite how they may feel about the technology.

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