Deutsche Bahn AG and Unibright Form Partnership to Tokenize the Former’s Services3

Deutsche Bahn AG is the leading train operating company in Germany and through its years of experience has been able to put several services together for its customers. Getting tickets from Deutsche Bahn AG has been made easy since there are several online ticketing platforms available along with a mobile app. In addition to providing transportation services, Deutsche Bahn AG also offers access to taxis, restaurants, hotels among other services. But to reach a broader region, Unibright’s expertise comes in.

In order to make Deutsche Bahn AG’s services available to a lot of people, there is no better way than tokenization of its services using blockchain technology, which is now being achieved through collaboration with Unibright. The created blockchain platform will place all services in one place, be it access to local train networks, accommodation, local transport, vouchers or tickets. To kick-start the whole process Deutsche Bahn AG asked three of its personnel to join the development team over at Unibright and carry out a four-week trial on the Deutsche Bahn Vertrieb (Ecosystem Tokenization via Blockchain.) Their primary goal is to extract the viable business ideas from the project, carry out research and integration.

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