Are Cryptocurrencies Actual Currencies?

Cryptocurrency is a now a legitimate buzzword, and it’s quite interesting to know what people think about it. Unlike blockchain, whose meaning people are still struggling to explain, cryptocurrencies are more associated with the money, just in a digital form. More so, if we’re talking about coins — it’s money, but programmable. And it doesn’t mean that a casual user can’t grasp it; instead, everyone can now take control over this currency, granted that they know how to manage it. Bitcoin (even though it has significantly fallen for the past few months) and Ethereum (which is worth much less than Bitcoin as for now) are the two largest currencies and have already attracted countless users who were previously unaware of cryptos as a whole.

But why is it so that people deem CC easy-to-grasp? Well, although it’s surrounded by numerous programming terms, the whole concept is all about two terms: coins and tokens.

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