Why Everipedia Exists and Why I Enjoy Contributing to it: A Call to Action

Everipedia launched in 2015 with the idea of reimagining how the encyclopedia works. As Paul Graham said in his newsletter over 10 years ago, “There is room to do to Wikipedia what Wikipedia did to Britannica,” and he is right more than ever. Before in the print era, we were constrained by the binding of books in what we could put in an encyclopedia. In the information age, why would we keep limiting ourselves when we have the capacity to host millions upon millions of pages? And with new notable concepts and memes (pertaining to the evolution of the idea) rising to the forefront daily, we will have to sooner rather than later. If Wikipedia is the online encyclopedia for traditional knowledge, then Everipedia is the online encyclopedia for up-and-coming topics in culture.

Building on top of Wikipedia (Everipedia has imported all of English Wikipedia and is in the process of importing different languages), Everipedia is carrying the mantle of knowledge aggregation into the internet era. There is no denying Wikipedia’s massive presence online and contributions to the internet as we know it today. They pioneered the crowdsourced encyclopedia and have been able to document long-established topics of importance such as historical events, mathematical formulas, scientific theories, and more. For all the great things Wikipedia has done in the past, they hit a wall in their development.

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