Ethereum Overtakes XRP to Most Valuable Altcoin, Gains 80% in Last Two Weeks6

After one and a half months trailing XRP as the most valuable altcoin, Ethereum has finally returned to its position. Ethereum lost the position on November 15, which coincided with the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. However, a major bull rally in the past four days has helped the currency eclipse XRP again, with a margin of $500,000. The currency has also hit the very critical $150 level again, for the first time since Christmas Eve. If able to find support at this level, it could spark a major price rally that could bring back joy to investors in the embattled crypto.

XRP has proven itself to be a bit less susceptible to market wipeouts in the past two months. While its price is still 80 percent below its all-time high, it lost less compared to its competitors, more so Ethereum. On the eve of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, Ethereum dropped 15 percent, with XRP losing 9 percent. This helped XRP to overtake Ethereum and become the second-most valuable crypto, only second to Bitcoin.

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